Read what some of our customers have to say about the COBRA.


  • I just received my "Cobra" in the mail and immediately put it on to try it out in an hour's practice session. It is the most fantastic flute product ever invented since the "Thumbport" and in fact, the Cobra is even more incredible because it will help even more flute players! ... This is an amazingly good idea. ... Fabulous.
    J.C. British Columbia, Canada.
  • Thank you for your help. Now I understand that the flute does not rest on the Cobra head, only on the tail. (I have a platinum flute so it didn't get scratched, only the Cobra head is a little scratched, but it's no problem.) Also I had it too tight before, so it was uncomfortable. At first my finger was sensitive and so I felt pain, but now I am used to the Cobra and it is no problem. ... Because I am a plastic surgeon I know the anatomical structure of the hand, so I tried to make some fine adjustments to find the best position and head adjustment of my Cobra. I raised the angle of the head to be more vertically down and put the head more in the center of the bottom of my finger and just slightly to the right. This position has no sensitive nerves or blood vessels. That way the pressure of the Cobra comes more on the left (thumb) side of the finger and no pressure on the back of the finger. So I think that, based on the anatomy, this is the most natural and comfortable position. In this way I played for more than one hour with no problem. Also there was no problem of the Cobra slipping when my finger was sweaty, which I experienced when I tried other flute supports that slipped and touched a key. This is a great point about the Cobra. ... Today I found another great advantage of using the Cobra. I played 24 Caprices No. 6 by Paganini. I compared the Cobra and another support for the trills 2D-1Bb and 2Eb-1A and playing 3rd octave G which use the left hand index finger and thumb together. With the Cobra I don't need to press the flute on my finger to hold it.For that kind of fingering the Cobra is extremely stable - excellent!
    R.K. Gifu, Japan.
  • I was using Bo-Pep and Thumbport flute supports. Thumbport was stable but it never felt comfortable, I never got used to it. Bo-Pep felt better to use, but it scratched my flute and it affected the sound especially if my playing condition was bad - at least psychologically I felt the sound was bad. So Cobra is an ideal flute support - the flute is stable and I have no worry about it affecting the sound. Bo-Pep and Thumbport both had to be adjusted each time, which was tedious for me especially since I have several different types of flute so I had to buy a separate support for each flute. I can use one Cobra for all of them, even different sized flutes like alto flute or piccolo or wooden flute. Sorry for Mistic Media that you can't sell so many! However, the Guo company's Grenaditte flutes are a different size so Bo-Pep and Thumbport don't fit whereas the Cobra does - that's a big advantage.
    S.T. Fukuoka, Japan
  • Wonderful product!  I had  been wrapping sticky tape around my finger to hold my flute (it hurt to take it off, some of my skin always came with it). Love my Cobra ring. Well worth the price.
    P.V. Texas.

  • Thank you for sending my replacement Cobra. This time I am completely satisfied. I ordered the wrong size before! This one fits and is very comfortable for playing. Also, this time you sent me a pink colored ring. I like it more than I expected, it is so cute! At first I only saw the black color and I thought it was OK, but now compared to the pink it seems heavy, especially for a girl. With my Cobra I am more relaxed to play flute and can practice longer. If somebody sees the Cobra on my finger I will recommend it to them. Thank you very much for your good customer service.
    F.N. Tokyo, Japan.
  • This is my third order of Cobras. I began playing flute after 60 years of age and I originally bought a Cobra because I have tendonitis in my fingers. First, I bought the medium Cobra. But I felt it was a little bit too big for my finger. Then I bought a small size. Later I realized that actually adjusting the medium size was better than adjusting the small size to fit my finger. Every time I practised flute I tried to adjust the Cobra, bendng it many ways, because I am a beginner and didn't understand the relationship between the flute and the Cobra very well. Finally one wire in my Cobra broke. Then I saw the video on how to adjust the Cobra. Now I understand completely how the Cobra works and I have confidence to use it. That's why I ordered two medium Cobras this time, one pink and one silver, and I will adjust them more carefully and take good care of them.
    R.S. Kanagawa, Japan.
  • I play tenor sax in a jazz band and it's an unwritten rule that the tenor sax player plays flute too. At the summer festival I play sax solos in the heat and I sweat a lot. Then when I have to play flute it's not stable because of the sweat. To try to stabilize my flute I tried putting a large rubber band on my finger. Then I found Mistic Media website and I read The Cobra Story - it's the same as my idea, exactly what I wanted! I studied how to adjust the Cobra from the website, and so I tried many ways to adjust it spending a couple of hours - it was fun for me! I think the Cobra is not for beginners but more for players of higher skill, because you have to adjust the Cobra carefully to avoid pain. I found that balance is most important. With the Cobra properly adjusted the fingering is easier for playing fast and its easy to control the tone when changing octaves rapidly. Especially for jazz flute soloists I really recommend this product. I also found I could make a louder sound and solved many difficulties I had playing the flute. This product is not just an accessory to stop the flute from slipping, it's more than that. Thank you so much for this product!
    Eitaka. Chiba, Japan.
  • I just received my Cobra and started to play flute with it. Basically without adjustment it fits okay, but the ring part puts a lot of pressure on my finger. But I think if I adjust it that will be no problem. I found the middle C sharp to be so stable, which astonished me! Now I have so much fun practicing my flute every day. Thank you so much.
    K.T. Kanagawa, Japan.