COBRA D for Standard Flute and Piccolo

The COBRA D flute support is designed for standard flutes and piccolos.

COBRA D is designed to be worn on the left forefinger. it is fully adjustable so that one size fits all. The pad on the band provides extra comfort. It can be removed if not needed.

How to Adjust COBRA D

Adjusting the Ring

The ring size of the COBRA D is adjustable.

By adjusting the length of the band, the size of the ring can be easily changed to match the size of each person’s finger.

Changing the length of the band

The band can be pulled out from the body of COBRA D.

The greater the length of the band that is pulled out, the smaller the size of the ring.
Of course, the reverse is also possible.

Adjusting protruding band

Once you have used the Cobra for a while and become accustomed to it, you will rarely need to adjust the ring size. In that case, if the band protrudes excessively from the body of the COBRA D, it can be easily cut with scissors to shorten it to a length that looks good.

Screw to secure band

After adjusting the ring size, the band must be secured to prevent it from loosening.
The band is secured by the screw shown in this figure.
The screw can be easily tightened with fingernails.

Replacing the band

Since the band is made of rubber, it may stretch or break after long use.
In such cases, the band should be replaced with a new one.
This screw is used to remove the band from the body of the COBRA D.
This screw is located deep inside the body, so you will need a precision screwdriver to loosen the screw.

Playing with COBRA D

The photos show that the flute can be supported by the COBRA even when the thumb and fingers are not touching the keys.

COBRA D is sold through Etsy.

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