This is my third order of Cobras. I began playing flute after 60 years of age and I originally bought a Cobra because I have tendonitis in my fingers. First, I bought the medium Cobra. But I felt it was a little bit too big for my finger. Then I bought a small size. Later I realized that actually adjusting the medium size was better than adjusting the small size to fit my finger. Every time I practised flute I tried to adjust the Cobra, bendng it many ways, because I am a beginner and didn’t understand the relationship between the flute and the Cobra very well. Finally one wire in my Cobra broke. Then I saw the video on how to adjust the Cobra. Now I understand completely how the Cobra works and I have confidence to use it. That’s why I ordered two medium Cobras this time, one pink and one silver, and I will adjust them more carefully and take good care of them.

~ R.S. Kanagawa, Japan.