Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with the design?

Everyone who plays flute knows that it is basically a metal cylinder. There are no supports, just the keys and you have to keep playing different ones so that’s not very stable! After many years of playing the flute and struggling with the discomfort of making sure it was held securely, which can be distracting when you just want to focus on playing the music, Yuichi Tanabe came up with the idea of wearing a ring in his left forefinger that would act as a support for the flute. After a couple of years of trial and error, he perfected the design and the materials to make the Cobra.

Why is it called a Cobra?

Good question, why would a flute accessory be named after a dangerous snake! Well, the shape of the ring, with its “tail” holding the flute and the “head” at the angle needed to hold the ring securely on the finger, looks like a snake with its head rearing up – like a cobra. Don’t worry, it doesn’t bite!

Can I return it if I don’t like it?

Absolutely! We have a return and exchange policy that allows items to be exchanged for a different size or model, or receive a full refund, as long as you contact us within 21 days of receipt of your Cobra.

Is the Cobra for beginners or advanced players?

Everyone can benefit from a Cobra! Many of our customers are professional flute players who play for extended periods and enjoy the support given by the Cobra while performing in public. Anyone who has pain in their hand from holding the flute at an awkward angle to prevent it from slipping will find the Cobra invaluable!

Can I use a Cobra for my piccolo or alto flute as well?

Yes, unlike other flute supports on the market which are attached to the flute, the Cobra is worn on your finger. As a result, the Cobra is designed to fit your finger, and is adjustable to hold your instrument securely. Cobra D for the left hand is well suited for all flutes. Cobras for the Right hand come in different styles for different types of flute.

My flute has a trill key – can I still use a Cobra?

Yes, the Cobra should work with your flute. The G-A trill key poses no problems. The larger C# trill key does require careful adjustment of the Cobra to avoid hitting the key.

How is the Cobra different from other flute supports?

Other flute supports, such as Bo Pep and Thumbport, attach directly onto the flute. This leads to several problems which the Cobra solves: the tone of the flute can be affected; the flute can be scratched when you take the support on and off (for cleaning); the support may slip on the flute; you no longer have direct contact with the flute and so your playing experience is different; these supports restrict the angle of your thumb, which may not be comfortable; and so on.

Where can I buy a Cobra?

Cobras are sold through our online store on Etsy.

How long before I receive my Cobra?

Cobras are still hand made in our workshop, so you might have to wait a bit before we can ship it to you. Generally, though, your Cobra will be ready for shipping within a week or two, maximum three weeks, of receiving payment on your order.

Can I adjust my Cobra RTC (or RTC-AW) to fit better?

Yes. If you find that your Cobra RTC (or RTC-AW) Right Thumb Support is slightly tight or loose on your flute, you can heat it gently with a hair dryer to soften it. Then you can mold it carefully for a better fit. When it cools it will retain the modified shape.

Can I make a wholesale order?

Music Stores and other resellers of music accessories may be eligible for bulk order discounts. Please Contact Us by email Misticmedia23 at gmail for further information.