COBRA RTC-P for Piccolo

COBRA RTC-PW is a support accessory which is attached to the body of the piccolo. It is designed for use with wooden piccolos.

Before attaching the COBRA RTC-PW, be sure to clean your piccolo well. Any grease on the piccolo may cause the COBRA RTC-PW to slip off. Clean with rubbing alcohol or other gentle grease removing solution (such as dish washing liquid).

The clip of the COBRA RTC-PW is specially designed to allow placement on a wooden piccolo in the desired position. 

The COBRA RTC-PW is designed to be easy to attach to the piccolo, and easy to remove when returning the piccolo to its case.

The inside of the clip is embedded with a soft but strong nylon pads, so it stays firmly in place without damaging your piccolo.


These images are actual images of COBRA RTC-PW attached to an actual piccolo.

These images are CG images that explain how to install COBRA RTC-PW.

COBRA RTC-PW is sold through Etsy.

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