COBRA Features

Feature 1: The COBRA easily and safely supports the flute, allowing the flute player to focus on playing the music and not worry about holding the flute securely.

Feature 2: The left hand COBRA is worn on the finger and does not have to be attached to the flute, so it has no adverse affect on the tone quality.

Feature 3: The COBRA can be adjusted to the most preferred angle for each person, providing the greatest comfort and support.

Feature 4: The COBRA is small and fits conveniently in the flute case, or its small pouch is easily attached to the case.

Feature 5: The COBRA is adjustable to fit the finger perfectly, so that it does not slip.

Feature 6: The COBRA is constructed to be flexible enough to adjust by hand, yet strong enough to hold its shape after adjustment.

Feature 7: The COBRA is 3D Printed from resin, with rubber tubing, so it will not scratch the flute nor does it hurt the hand.

Feature 8: The COBRA for the right hand attaches to the flute body, with an adjustable thumb rest for the right thumb. It is 3D Printed from resin, with flexible plastic padding so it will not scratch the flute.