I was using Bo-Pep and Thumbport flute supports. Thumbport was stable but it never felt comfortable, I never got used to it. Bo-Pep felt better to use, but it scratched my flute and it affected the sound especially if my playing condition was bad – at least psychologically I felt the sound was bad. So Cobra is an ideal flute support – the flute is stable and I have no worry about it affecting the sound. Bo-Pep and Thumbport both had to be adjusted each time, which was tedious for me especially since I have several different types of flute so I had to buy a separate support for each flute. I can use one Cobra for all of them, even different sized flutes like alto flute or piccolo or wooden flute. Sorry for Mistic Media that you can’t sell so many! However, the Guo company’s Grenaditte flutes are a different size so Bo-Pep and Thumbport don’t fit whereas the Cobra does – that’s a big advantage.

~ S.T. Fukuoka, Japan