I play tenor sax in a jazz band and it’s an unwritten rule that the tenor sax player plays flute too. At the summer festival I play sax solos in the heat and I sweat a lot. Then when I have to play flute it’s not stable because of the sweat. To try to stabilize my flute I tried putting a large rubber band on my finger. Then I found Mistic Media website and I read The Cobra Story – it’s the same as my idea, exactly what I wanted! I studied how to adjust the Cobra from the website, and so I tried many ways to adjust it spending a couple of hours – it was fun for me! I think the Cobra is not for beginners but more for players of higher skill, because you have to adjust the Cobra carefully to avoid pain. I found that balance is most important. With the Cobra properly adjusted the fingering is easier for playing fast and its easy to control the tone when changing octaves rapidly. Especially for jazz flute soloists I really recommend this product. I also found I could make a louder sound and solved many difficulties I had playing the flute. This product is not just an accessory to stop the flute from slipping, it’s more than that. Thank you so much for this product!

~ Eitaka. Chiba, Japan.