COBRA RTC-AW is a flute support accessory which is attached to the body of the flute. It is designed for use with alto and wooden flutes.

 COBRA RTC-AW consists of a clip, which attaches it to the flute body, and an adjustable thumb rest for the right thumb. 

COBRA RTC-AW is made of plastic with flexible plastic padding so it will not scratch the flute or hurt the hand. The flexible plastic pad prevents slipping. There is a metal screw to adjust the angle of the thumb rest. 

Using the COBRA RTC-AW when playing the flute prevents the flute from rotating due to pressure on the lip plate. It also provides a more stable way for the thumb to support the flute without slipping, while still maintaining contact between the thumb and the flute body. This allows for a very natural feeling while playing the flute.

The thumb rest is easily adjustable allowing it to be used at the most comfortable angle.  

 Before attaching the COBRA RTC-AW, be sure to clean your flute well. Any grease on the flute may cause the COBRA RTC-AW to slip off. Clean with rubbing alcohol or other gentle grease removing solution (such as dish washing liquid).

The clip of the COBRA RTC-AW is specially designed to allow placement on an alto or wooden flute in the desired position. If one of the projecting “fingers” of the clip prevents proper placement because of the key mechanism, the “fingers” can easily be separated and that one removed. Just use a sharp implement like a razor blade or box-cutter to cut it off. 


The COBRA RTC-AW is small and it should not be necessary to remove it when returning your flute to its case. However, you may need to adjust the angle of the thumb rest to fit in the case.


COBRA RTC-AW comes in 2 colors: black and silver.

Cobra RTC-AW Black Cobra RTC-AW Black
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RT AW Silver 01 Sm RT AW Silver 02 Sm
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RTC is sold through Etsy.