About Us

Mistic Media is owned and operated by the multi-talented Yuichi Tanabe.

Yuichi was born in Japan and studied craft and design at Osaka Art University. He worked in product design for a major electronics company in Japan for a while, and then as a graphic designer after moving to the United States. A significant hobby for many years has been playing the flute.

Mistic Media was started to allow Yuichi to express his true creativity without the limitations naturally imposed by working for a larger company. His wife assists him in this endeavor.

Mistic Media products are Yuichi's own innovations, based on a desire to create useful, practical items that help people succeed in their lives. As an artist, not just a technician, they embody his vision for such items to be beautiful not simply useful.

In his “spare time” Yuichi has continued to do fine art work. He loves to work in 3-D, like sculpture, as well as painting. In his painting he has found the digital medium very exciting and more of his recent work is done on the computer. This has allowed him to return to 3-D. His fine art work reflects a desire to bring together science and spirituality, in a beautiful way.