COBRA C for Support and Comfort



COBRA C is designed for maximum support and optimal comfort. It has specially designed horizontal and vertical support sections to keep the flute stable. These act as a stable support for the flute, while at the same time preventing stress which may cause pain.

This version is designed not to interfere with any of the keys. COBRA C is recommended for use with flutes that have a C# trill key.

The COBRA C is handmade from metal and soft plastic, so it will not scratch the flute nor does it hurt the hand. It is constructed to be flexible enough to adjust by hand, yet strong enough to hold its shape after adjustment.

 Playing with Cobra C 


Choose from 5 sizes to fit the left forefinger:

X-Small (US ring size 5-7), Small (US ring size 7-9), Medium (US ring size 9-11), Large (US ring size 11-13), and X-Large (US ring size greater than 13).

The Cobra is worn on your left forefinger (index finger) close to the line where your finger meets the palm of your hand, not closer to the knuckle where a ring is usually worn.The X-Small Cobra fits fingers measuring less than 2.14 inches (54.5 mm); the Small Cobra fits fingers measuring 2.14-2.34 inches (55-59.5 mm); the Medium Cobra fits fingers measuring 2.35-2.54 inches (60-64.5 mm); the Large Cobra fits fingers measuring 2.55-2.74 inches (65-69.5 mm); the X-Large Cobra fits fingers measuring 2.75 inches (70mm) and larger.

The rings come in several colors; the horizontal and vertical supports are all black.

Please note, these items are handmade and so each COBRA turns out slightly differently, including differences in color of the wire. The pictures are for purposes of illustration only.

COBRA C Black      
Cobra C Black 01 Cobra C Black 02 Cobra C Black 03
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COBRA C Silver    
Cobra C Silver 02 Cobra C Silver 04 Cobra C Silver 06
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COBRA C Gold    
Cobra C Gold 0 Cobra C Gold 03 Cobra C Gold 05
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COBRA C Pink    
Cobra C Pink 01 Cobra C Pink 02 Cobra C Pink 04
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COBRA C Blue    
Cobra C Blue 04 Cobra C Blue 02 Cobra C Blue 01
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COBRA C Turquoise    
Cobra C Turquoise 03 Cobra C Turquoise 05 Cobra C Turquoise 06
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COBRA C is sold through Artfire the Artisan Marketplace, and through Etsy.